Invigorate Solutions, LLC is a strong believer using “Growth Factory” of innovative solution to impact social architecture. We constantly seek to improve technological platform to bring our society closer through constant wave of emerging and evolving technology solutions.

Our partnership experience with industry leaders shows that when the right people, processes, and metrics come together in a “growth factory,” they can transform how innovation happens, galvanize employees’ creativity, and create long-term competitive advantage.


Our Innovative approach to Strategy and Innovation comprise of:

  • Harvest and Develop Innovation Capabilities using Unlock innovation potential with the right talent, systems, and processes
  • Discover opportunities, design new business models, and launch high-impact new ventures.
  • Strengthen and extend today’s business – while harnessing the disruptive innovations of tomorrow.

Current emerging technological areas that Invigorate Solutions, LLC is targeting for “Growth Factory” on the on-going development with the help of global incubator partners:

  • Wireless charging technology using magnetic resonance that will transform and transfer the way consumers and industries charge and power electronic devices at home, in the office, in the car, transportation and beyond through delivering power at a distance, to multiple devices – thus resulting in a wire-free experience


  • Hologram technology to give consumers a wow 20/20 perspective outreach boundaries and expectations. This include 3D holographic techniques to provide multiple mediums of communication assisting in the following areas :
    • Facility Management - Future Virtual assistance (“FVA” ™) for global and multiple facility companies to assist employees and visitors on timely and effective visitor management guidance.
    • Education
    • Entertainment