Human Resources Services

Invigorate Global provides HR Services, Human Resources and staffing with the highest scores that indicate exceptionally high levels of service to our human resources clients and job seekers. Companies looking to make the biggest improvements today say that next to improving on spending, their biggest challenge is finding enough qualified talent.

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Some of our Invigorate global HR Services:

  • Compensation Analyst & Managers
  • Employee Relations
  • HR Assistants & Coordinators, Managers & Specialists
  • HR Directors & Vice Presidents
  • Payroll Services -Clerks & Administrators
  • Recruiter(s) & Recruitment Coordinators & Recruitment Research
  • Staffing Managers & Directors
  • Talent Acquisition Managers & Directors
  • Training & Development
  • Workers Compensation
  • Background Screening
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Assistance/Counseling
  • Health Care & Benefits Analyst & Managers
  • Retirement Planning
  • Performance Management

Human Resources Staffing

Direct Hire & Contract To Hire

At Invigorate Global we know that you want your contracted human resources staffing to be quick, agile, dependable and trustworthy. Now you have an opportunity to partner with our highly seasoned HR experts and professionals on a project-2-project or as-needed basis.

Invigorate Global provides direct hire and contract-to-hire as a way for clients and talent to test the waters, allowing potential employees to prove themselves to a company and see if the position is a good fit. It also allows the client to test the candidate for a predetermined period of time. Our HR Services clients have the option to convert an Invigorate Global consultant to direct hire or contract to hire at any me during the contract period.

Finding high quality HR Services and talent remains a huge challenge for many companies. Because of our networking and ability to attract and stay in constant touch with “passive job seekers” Invigorate Global has amassed a vast database of potential candidates to fill any of your open positions. Making use of direct hire and contract to hire can save you time and money in recruiting costs, interviews, payroll setup charges, benefits and liability associated with hiring a poor choice.